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Commercial Boilers

Haddad Plumbing and Heating's commercial expertise is every New Jersey developers first choice based on quality workmanship, on schedule performance, highy competitve pricing and a safety first company attitude.

The Best Fit Boiler

Haddad Plumbing & Heating offers installation of a wide range of high quality, energy efficient gas, oil, and oil/gas boilers for commercial use, including condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels, and other commercial facilities. Trained Haddad plumbers can recommend the best fit boiler for your building as well as replace, service and repair all major brand commercial boilers.

Standard or High Efficiency?

Commercial boiler systems use 1,040 trillion Btus (British thermal units) of natural gas annually. 709 trillion Btus heat 32 percent, or 20 billion square feet of commercial floor space (excluding malls). Boiler systems clearly represent a major energy end use in the commercial sector.

Whether gas or oil, energy costs consume the largest portion of every commerical facilities budget. Northeast U.S. exceed $9 billion in fuel costs alone.

Today's standard boiler efficiency rating operates between 80-85% efficient. Older models are found operating in the 50 - 55% range.

High Efficiency Boilers are now available with ratings as high as 98%. Meaning a Boiler replacement or new installation of a high efficiency unit could reduce your buildings fuel costs up to near 50%.


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New Jersey developers, general contractors and owners of commercial properties depend on Haddad Plumbing & Heating for all their commercial plumbing solutions.

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